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JR Directory was launched in 2011 to supply a comprehensive on-line resource for yoga. Since then we’ve continuing to refine and expand our site’s giving of yoga postures, sequences, yoga medical aid, and articles covering a broad vary of subjects. We have a tendency to hope that you just get pleasure exploring our web site and discover valuable data to assist you deepen your yoga follow.

Our deepest want and need is to form the globe a far better place. Our highest goal is to get rid of the suffering, misery and unhappiness of the folks of the globe, and to get rid of the causes of this suffering. We have a tendency to serve, in our highest capability, to unfold the data and knowledge of the traditional path of yoga to any or all those want these tools. We have a tendency to pray that our work helps others to be told, grow and develop spiritually, physically and mentally. May peace, love and joy reside within the hearts of all.

JR Directory is operated idealising Hinduism principles of the yamas and niyamas. We have a tendency to embrace the Hinduism teaching of Ahisma (non violence) in our relationship to the planet. At JR Directory we’ve a robust commitment to protective the earth by turning into a carbon neutral and inexperienced company. Through Yoga we have a tendency to follow generosity through contributory over five-hitter of our profits to non-profit organizations.

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Kendra Arizona