How to Clean Your Home

23 Jun

How to Clean Your Home

A clean home helps to make your house a great place to live. While cleaning your home is a necessary chore, people sometimes have a hard time carrying out this process. The following information will explain in detail about the proper way to clean your home, do house cleaning the right way.

Do a Walk Through and Get Rid of Clutter

The reasons why most homes are messy is due to the extra amount of junk, trash, clothing and items lying around. When you start the cleaning process you should go from room to room picking up clothing, throwing away trash and putting items into their proper place. Items such as cosmetics, dishes and books should be put away into the places where they belong. Get rid of objects that are pieces of junk. Once you get rid of clutter from a room, it will be a lot easier to complete the other steps.

Wipe Down Rooms and then Dust

Once the clutter is gone the next step is to wipe down each room. Wipe down the wooden or metal furniture pieces in the living, family and dining rooms. Use a Fabric cleaner for items such as couches, chairs, love seats and pits. Bedding is best cleaned by washing the sheets, pillow cases, blankets and covers. Wipe down mirrors in each room. The bathroom should be thoroughly wiped down as well. You might consider wiping the walls in each room if they need to be cleaned. Wipe out the refrigerator and freezer (defrost them if you have to) then wipe down the stove and appliances as well.

Clean all of the Floors in House

Sweeping and mopping floors should be saved for last. Remember when you clean you should always start from top to bottom. This is why sweeping rooms with a vacuum or broom should be the last task that a person does when cleaning their home. Vacuum carpets and then use a broom and mop to clean wooden and tile floors.

Once you have completed this process your home should look clean again. You can then walk through your residence putting the final cleaning touch on each room. Do not forget to organize items in each room since it helps to make things look neat and in place. Learning how to clean your home is not a hard process once you discover how to carry out this process.