Finding the Right Kitchen Appliance – A Kitchen Sink Faucet!


Do you pay particular attention to the interior of your home? Are you looking to modernize your kitchen but don’t want to forgo the classic elegant look? Then you’re going to love Moen’s 7185 EORB Brantford Touchless Kitchen faucet. This faucet has the traditional gooseneck look, but the neck has been extended which gives it a combination of elegance and modernity. It is one of the kitchen appliances that does its job well.

The Kitchen Appliance You Would Love

It is available in three color variants, and you can choose the one you feel complements your kitchen best. The three options are:

– Chrome – for a steel color, shiny look.

– Oil Rubbed Bronze – a look that leans towards the charcoal trend, what with oil rubbed bronze kitchen faucets being the trend of the season.

– Spot resist stainless – the complete stainless steel look and feel.

  • an air fryer – great kitchen appliance that you´ll love!

You can also choose to buy these used.


Stainless – The spot resist stainless variant helps you avoid the accumulation of water spots and fingerprints.

Reflex system – The reflex system provides three benefits – it facilitates smooth operation, allows easy movement and ensures that the docking of the spray head is secure. All in all, you get a sturdy, convenient to use kitchen faucet.

Dimensions – The dimensions are 26.5 x 14.2 x 4.2 inches, and the product weighs 2.4 ounces.

MotionSense – The MotionSense technology gives you two capabilities – one, to start or stop the faucet with just a movement of your hand; and two, the sensor that switches on when you have an object in front of the faucet.


Easy cleanliness– It is easy to maintain cleanliness as you can choose to not touch the faucet at all. The twin sensors work efficiently, and turn on once you place an object in front of the faucet or when you move your hand in front of the sensor. You can easily use the faucet without ever having to actually touch it, thus maintaining its new look and saving you the time and cost of regular upkeep.

Long lasting – Moen is known and trusted as a brand for its appliances, and this one is no different. A warranty is included with the product. See

Installation guide – Even though the installation is not very simple, but the installation guidelines and help you can get are prolific. Apart from the included instructions, you can also get additional help from the Moen website.

Batteries – The model requires 6AA batteries, and batteries from a name-brand are included with the product on Amazon, so you can immediately start using it.


Installation – The installation isn’t as simple as a simple faucet, but it isn’t overly complex too. It will also be slightly time-consuming. The installation is deck mounted.

Temperature change – Changing the temperature when the faucet is in motion mode can be cumbersome as you have to go down under the sink to change it each time.


Overall, this model scores great in terms of aesthetics as well as the functioning of the motion sensors. If you are looking for a touchless kitchen faucet and don’t want to compromise on the style, this is the one for you. However if you need to change the temperature very frequently (say more than twice a day), then this may not be the one for you.